Back Up

obm-splashYour company data. You do not really think about it until it is not there. If you are not backing up your valuable data, you will lose it. It may not be tomorrow or even next year, but storage media fail and can take you data with it. Even without a hard drive failure you still have files that can corrupt or even an accidental deletion to contend with.

DC Technologies provides Managed Enterprise Class Cloud Backup. What make our service stand out from the competition is that it is a Managed Backup Service. We install and configure the client software on your server or workstation and select the data that you choose to backup. From that point we monitor the backup daily to be sure everything is running smoothly. If a problem arises, we take care of it.

Your data is compressed and encrypted on your server/workstation using 256-bit AES then sent to our main server. It is then stored in encrypted on our server and replicated to location for redundancy.

  • HIPPAA Compliant (256-bit SSL transmission and 256 AES on storage server)
  • 100 day retention standard. Longer retention available
  • Exchange, SQL, Oracle, System State and open file backup
  • Power client software that allows for maximum configurability
  • Unlimited number of computers per account

Current Prices as of 12/1/2015:

GB Per GB/Mo Per Year
5 $1.25 $75
10 $1.00 $120
25 $0.75 $225
50 $0.60 $360
100 $0.50 $600
250 $0.40 $1,200
500 $0.35 $2,100
1000 $0.30 $3,600